Rapid Fire: Concussion: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Audio only)

Recorded On: 11/11/2016

The course will provide an overview of a comprehensive-care approach to the adolescent patient with chronic post-concussive symptoms. This paradigm shift started with a multidisciplinary brain injury clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital established in July 2014 where patients with persistent symptoms after a concussion are seen. Each patient is examined by Sports Medicine/Neurology, Physical Therapy, Otolaryngology, Optometry, Ophthalmology, and Psychology on the same day, and a retrospective review of these individuals and their symptoms has shown relations among the visual symptoms and dysfunction across multiple physiologic systems. The data and a comprehensive view are presented herein. In order to receive distance learning credits for this course, please view it here: https://learning.aaopt.org/pro...