IPoster: Characteristics of Highly Cited Articles by Optometry School Faculty and Researchers, 2000-2016: A Bibliometric Analysis

Purpose:  Bibliometric analysis of optometry program productivity.  

Methods: Web of Science (WoS) search for optomet* in the author address field of articles, 2000-16: data set of 13,177 articles. WoS analytics & citation counts used for analysis.

Results: Years: 2000-01: 400 publications/year; 2016: >1200 articles.  Organizations: 6000+; UC-Berkeley, 928; U Houston 839, U New S Wales/U Waterloo 777 each, U Melbourne 710. 500 programs produced ≥11 publications.  Subjects: 7926 papers published in journals classed as vision; 1480 neurosciences, 670 optics. Countries: 3562 papers ≥1 U.S. author; Australia 1781, UK 1239, PRC 824, Canada 772. 17 countries produced a single paper. Journals: 1500+; Optom Vis Sci 12%, IOVS 10%, Ophthalmic Physiol Opt 5%.  Authors:  30,000 individual authors. Most productive:  Qu, Wenzhou, 166 papers; Atchison 140, Queensland U Technology; Willcox 135, U New S Wales; Lu 132, Wenzhou; Levi 124, UC-Berkeley. Group Authors: PEDIG, 23 papers, CLEK 19, CLEERE 17 & COMET 13. Funding Agencies: 6000+ funders; many papers credit multiple funders. NIH funded 2560, 19% papers; 68% specified NEI.  Nat’l Natural Science Foundation, China, funded 269; Australian Research Council 162; Wellcome Trust 153; RPB 101. Journals: Optom Vis Sci led, 1523 articles; Adv Exp Med Biol was the highest non-vision journal, 22.  Citations: The most cited paper (Qu et al., ACS Nano 2010) by authors in China, Korea & the U.S., has been cited 1800 times. The top-cited paper by an NEI-funded researcher, 389 citations, by D. Levi (Vis Research, 2008); most-cited paper in a vision journal by Beratty et al. (Surv Ophthalmol, 2000).

Conclusion(s):  Publications by authors in optometry programs are not limited to clinical optometry, vision-related basic research, or vision journals.  The research is supported by a broad range of funders, based in collaborations across disciplines & geographic boundaries, resulting in lengthy lists of authors, institutions & funding agencies.

Pamela Sieving, MA, MS, AHIP

Pamela Sieving, MA, MS, AHIP, is a biomedical librarian with 30 years in vision librarianship (University of Michigan Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science; NIH National Eye Institute). She is president of the Cogan Ophthalmic History Society. Bette Anton, MLS, is librarian emerita at the University of California, Berkeley’s Fong Optometry Library. Both work with the Association of Vision Science Librarians to make vision literature freely available, particularly in developing countries, believing this is a human right. Gyan “John” Prakash, PhD, is Associate Director for International Programs at the NEI, and faculty sponsor of the NIH Global Health Interest Group.