A Grand Rounds Series (Credit, 1 Hour, 56969-AS)

Recorded On: 11/10/2016

Optometrists play a key role in diagnosing and managing anterior segment disease. When a red eye case falls out of the typical ones seen, the doctor must utilize their diagnostic skills to solve the patient’s problem. The following cases provide the clinician with useful tools to aid in the diagnosis and management of out of the ordinary anterior segment disease. 56969-AS

A. Mika Moy, OD, FAAO

Dr. Mika Moy graduated from UC Berkeley School of Optometry and completed a residency in Pediatrics and Specialty Contact Lenses there. She is a Clinical Professor at the school and is instructor in charge of the Anterior Segment Disease course. Her primary responsibility is teaching third years, fourth years, and residents at the Tang Eye Center in the University Health Services. Dr. Moy lectures on a variety of topics nationally and internationally, but has a special interest in anterior segment disease and neuro-optometry. She is the Vice Chair of the Anterior Segment Section as well as a Founding Member.